03/2019 - Restarted studying piano
08/2018 - Research Engineer at AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)
07/2018 - Got my Master’s Degree in Data Science (Eurecom and Polytechnic of Turin)
04/2018 - Stopped studying piano
01/2018 - Started studying piano
01/2018 - Moved to Vienna for my master’s thesis at AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology)
07/2017 - Moved to Nice for an internship at Monaco Telecom, Principality of Monaco
09/2016 - Moved to Sophia Antipolis, France for a Double Degree Project in Data Science at Eurecom
09/2015 - Enrolled in “ICT for smart societies” at Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
08/2015 - Broke my elbow and stopped studying violin
07/2015 - Got my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering
09/2014 - Moved to Augsburg, Germany for a 6-month Erasmus project at University of Applied Sciences
08/2014 - Volunteering in Baden-Württemberg + second Interrail trip
08/2013 - My first Interrail trip and joined CouchSurfing
09/2012 - Stopped volleyball and started studying violin
09/2012 - Enrolled in Electronics Engineering at Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy
06/2011 - Played at the FIVB Beach Volleyball Youth World Championships as the Italian second team
06/2011 - Won the “Best Setter” Award, Italian Volleyball Championship
09/1998 - Started playing volleyball
02/1993 - Born